Tummy Ache

So, if you play the Orchard Toys game “Tummy Ache”, here are some better rules.

Set up as normal. On each turn

  1. Take a card from the pool.
  2. Place the card in the appropriate place on your board, replacing what's there, even if the new card is a tummy ache. The replaced card goes face down in the pool.

That's it, no discard pile, no special rules. The game gets harder as you go on, because there are more tummy ache cards in the pool, and there are nice dynamics where someone with 4/5 slots filled may still draw a tummy ache, thereby having to place a good card down, which is then picked up by the person on their left, so the lead can change quickly, but skill is still rewarded. This also makes the game quite robust to missing cards, as they come back into play often.

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