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Notes on CMT

Link to translate URLs to links. Navigate to a page with URLs in it, then execute this in your browser's debug console.

(On IE, press F12, select the “Console” tab, and paste in the code below.)

function replace_urls() {
  n = document.getElementsByTagName('b');
  for(i = 0; i < n.length; ++i) {
    if (n[i].innerText.match('URL:')) {
      text = n[i].nextSibling;
      url = text.wholeText.replace(/\s+/,'');
      nn = document.createElement('div');
      nn.innerHTML = '<b>URL</b> (<'+'a target="_blank" href="' + url + '">link<'+'/a>):';


Andrew Fitzgibbon, 2013/05/08 14:23

F12 on chrome too.

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